Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Musang teaching children

We were blessed when Bindi, our musang (masked Asian Palm civet), came by chance into our lives as a rescue at 3 days old. We had never heard of a musang before Bindi. Mainly what they know or show off in Palawan, is the Palawan bearcat, which we thought Bindi was as first. Later we learned she was a civet, smaller than a bearcat and their scat is harvest by coffee farmers and the coffee bean excreted is one of the most expensive in the world, called Civet coffee or Kopi Luwak.

We just simply love her. She's so loving and fun and interesting. It's the first wild creature I have raised. I had to give her milk every hour for the first three weeks at night, so I didn't get much sleep taking care of her. Now she eats fruits like bananas, mango, and papaya.

The elementary school teacher getting tickled by Bindi walking across her shoulders.
I found out that some villagers eat musang here, so we brought Bindi to the school where our worker's children attend to teach the children to love these creatures but not eat them.

I believe everything comes into our lives for a reason. Bindi has opened my heart in many ways and so I am using her to teach the love of her kind to others in our village who don't know better than to eat them.

The school boys were especially interest in holding and touching the palm civet.

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